Our Philosophy

We believe that the time before kindergarten is an important opportunity to provide developmental learning experiences for children. Our program provides an environment that encourages social, emotional and intellectual growth. In a warm and gentle atmosphere, we help ease the transition from home to a school environment.

We encourage your child’s natural curiosity and creative expression through the use of art projects, music and movement, and imaginative play.

Our “spiraling curriculum” emphasizes the pre-readiness skills needed for kindergarten. St. James lays the foundation of social/life skills, language development, early math, thinking skills and pre-reading beginning in the Young Threes classes. Children learn and explore through self-discovery, teacher directed activities and active involvement.

We help to cultivate a child’s awareness of self and respect for people and the world around him. We prepare him/her for learning in school through encouragement, cooperative play, sharing, and caring.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage a strong sense of self in each child.