At St. James Preschool, our child-centered curriculum lays the foundation of social/life skills, language development, early math concepts, thinking skills and pre-reading skills. It builds upon concepts learned from previous years so that by Pre-K, children are completing their mastery of ABCs, shapes, colors, and numbers in preparation for kindergarten.

Children learn and explore through self-discovery, teacher directed activities and active involvement. Daily activities include: Circle Time, Free Play, Art Exploration, Learning Activities or Centers, Story and Puzzle Time, Snack Time and Outdoor Play.

We help to cultivate a child’s awareness of self and a respect for people and the world around him/her. We prepare children for learning in school through encouragement, cooperative play, sharing and caring.

We encourage your child’s natural curiosity and creative expression through the use of art projects, music and movement, and imaginative play.

Please click on the following links for a copy of our general program:

Please be aware, the program guide for the year is very general, and like the monthly calendars the teachers will be giving out, is always subject to change due to anything and everything! One of the luxuries we have as preschool teachers is to take advantage of all learning opportunities as they happen instead of when they are planned to happen. We hope you will understand our need for flexibility as we strive to meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of your child.